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How much luggage can fit in a minibus?

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Whether you've booked a holiday abroad and have packed everything except the kitchen sink to go or you're heading off for a staycation with a little luggage to store in the minibus, you could start to worry about whether all your luggage will fit in the minibus you've hired! Well we can help explain exactly how much space is available in a minibus boot and put your mind at ease.

Firstly we should mention that all our minibus and car taxi vehicles are maintained to the highest standard, are fully ULEZ compliant and are valeted frequently.

If we get all technical about the boot space of our Renault Traffic 9 seat minibus that's available for hire in Merthyr Tydfil and across South Wales, then you get a 736mm load area in the boot, and if we took all the seats out of the minibus you're looking at a load area of 1650mm. But what does that really mean in real life, how many suitcases can you fit in is a far more important question to be answered when you're thinking about your minibus hire airport transfer.

You'll be able to fit four large 23 KG suitcases into our Renault Traffic Minibus on the first layer of the boot of the minibus. You are then able to make the most of the roomy boot and add upto six small 10kg suitcases on top of the first layer of luggage.

In most cases this is plenty of room to carry the luggage of 8 passengers for a two week holiday. Occasionally, we need to accommodate a little more luggage in the minibus and in those instances we are able to use the luggage area underneath the 8 passenger seats of the minibus.

There is an image attached to this blog which shows you our minibus boot at full capacity. This image of our minibus is taken at London Heathrow Airport and has the luggage for a holiday for two weeks for four passengers.

If you do have any questions about your specific minibus journey that you have booked with Valley Shuttles Minibus Hire then please do get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help.

Our minibus hire service is available 24/7 across south wales and although we're based in Merthyr Tydfil, we provide primary pick up services across South Wales including Cardiff and Swansea.

Valley Shuttles Minibus Hire provides travel solutions to customers in Merthyr Tydfil and across South Wales for all occasions. We specialise in Airport Transfers, event and evening entertainment travel, staycation travel and contract work.

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